Randi has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2003, when she graduated from Southeastern Neuromuscular Massage School in Charlotte, NC.  She received her BS in Athletic Training from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte in 2003. Randi also became a yoga instructor in 2013 and is currently working towards her doula certification with Allotribe Training Academy.

Randi began providing massage to clients at a Wellness Center where she specialized in cases of injury and chronic pain.  After gaining beneficial experience working closely with chiropractors, spinal specialists, a dentist, and psychologist she opened her practice in 2006 in Charlotte, NC.  Continuing to study the human body concentrating on neuromuscular techniques and medical massage, Randi realized that there was a spiritually emotional component missing in her studies to assist the body to heal fully.  She discovered Reiki in 2006 and by 2008 she became a Usui Reiki Master.

Always looking for something new to learn, Randi discovered a modality that combines massage, energy work, and stretching (everything she loves) Thai Yoga Bodywork. Currently holding over 500 hours as a Registered Thai Therapist, Randi is well versed in this form of mystic healing and has witnessed the deeper aspects of release it brings her clients.

Randi believes good massage therapists and yoga instructors encompass passion, knowledge, and intuition. She has a high degree of sensitivity towards others and continually works to expand her knowledge to provide her clients with the greatest level of care possible.  Her firm belief is “you can’t give what you don’t have. I am here to help release the pain, quiet the mind, and bring awareness.”

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