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Kamati Wellness is a Denver massage therapy practice focused on providing individualized client care that is customized to get you out of pain, recovering quicker from activity and/or injury, or keeping your physical and mental bodies healthy to prevent stress and injury.  

Kamati in Pali language means to enter into, travel, or go through. The turtle in animal totem symbolizes your peaceful walk in this world, as well as paths you take. It guides you in personal growth and grounds you as you go through different cycles of transformation.



Randi gave me one of the best deep tissue massages I have ever had! Her pressure and technique were perfect and she was super accommodating when I requested a sinus massage. I will definitely be back for more. Highly recommend!

Naomi Arellano

Randi is without a doubt the rock-star of massage therapists. If you want the most competent, knowledgeable, and just overall effective practitioner of the healing arts, look no further. Whether you need relief for general muscle pain or site-specific injury, Randi will leave you feeling much much better. My family and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Robert Greene

Randi is so far beyond the average massage therapist!! She brings an amazing amount of knowledge and technique and going to see her has been more effective for my chronic injuries than PT and chiropractic combined. She is great!! go see for yourself.

Alison Connolly