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What is Kamati Wellness

Kamati Wellness is a Denver massage therapy practice focused on providing individualized client care that is customized to get you out of pain, recovering quicker from activity and/or injury, or keeping your physical and mental bodies healthy to prevent stress and injury. We also specialize in Women’s Health and offer Maya Abdominal Massage.

Kamati in Pali language means to enter into, travel, or go through. The turtle in animal totem symbolizes your peaceful walk in this world, as well as paths you take. It guides you in personal growth and grounds you as you go through different cycles of transformation.


Massage Services

Kamati Wellness offers 6 different modalities of massage with options for relaxation, deep work, and pre/post natal care.

What Our Clients Say

*2023 UPDATE* This place is INCOMPARABLE!!! My mind and body were completely BLOWN AWAY after experiencing Thai massage for the 1st time at the hands of Randi, the owner. There is nothing like it and I wish I knew about them sooner. This afforded greater access to areas that just cannot get the same angle/pressure/intensity/coverage on a tradtional massage table. Kind of like when you switch up your workouts, it’s really effective and long lasting. Randi, Laura & Melana all come with an exceptional skillset when it comes to therapeutic treatments including abdominal massage.

Jessica Moreira

I had a cupping massage with Leah for a shoulder injury that I had been dealing with. I had been going to PT for over a month before the massage and was on a slow road to recovery, but once I added the cupping massage the healing process really started to pick up and I was quickly getting back to my normal, healthy self. Thank you so much Leah, your services really made a difference.

Leah Sanborn

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Neuromuscular Massage | Restorative Massage | Thai Yoga Bodywork | Pre/Post Natal Massage | Maya Abdominal Massage | Manual Lymphatic Drainage