benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy is a healing practice where external pressure is applied to the soft tissues of the body in order to promote tissue repair and health. Often referred to as ‘corporo-stretching’, this manual therapy has been used in various cultures throughout the world for thousands of years.

Massage Therapists use their hands, forearms, and sometimes feet  to apply pressure and stretch soft tissues. This type of therapy releases toxins within the body that would otherwise remain trapped. The toxins are expelled by strong muscle contractions. By releasing these toxins, blocked energy is allowed to flow freely through the body, which promotes healing. Dis-ease in the body from tight muscles and blocked energy lines can cause disease in the body.  

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing that is still practiced today. It is believed to have originated in India over 5,000 years ago. The Sanskrit word for massage is Abhyanga, which means “to touch or press.” 

The benefits of a professional massage include reduced stress, increased circulation and a feeling of relaxation. Stresses can build up in your body when you are unable to relax or have been through a stressful time. Massage is a non-invasive way to relieve these built up stressors in your body.

Massage has gained popularity in recent years due to the link to reduced stress, weight management and better sleep.

What are some benefits of massage therapy? 

Massages have been used since the time of the ancient Greeks. It has been used for medicine, relaxation and in religious practices.

Massage therapy incorporates manipulation of the soft tissues to some degree. The pressure applied in massage therapy is generally not as deep as a manipulation is. Massage therapy is much gentler than manipulation as it does not involve any type of controlled force.

The impact massage therapy has on the body can be miraculous. It has, in fact, been scientifically proven to provide numerous benefits and is done by experts to relieve stress on the muscles and to ease pain in the body.

Massage therapy is all about relieving your muscles of tension and stress they accumulate over the course of the day. Massages are proven to help people sleep better, and many people who get regular massages see huge improvements in their quality of sleep. If you’re stressed, tense, or in pain, you’ll want to reach out for help. Research has shown that massage therapy, with a trained massage therapist, can improve your mental and physical health. Regular massage can improve blood flow in your body, increase your range of motion, and reduce the accumulation in your muscles of tension and stress over time.

Massage therapy, which covers a range of different types of touch therapies, can provide many benefits physically and mentally. Benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Improved circulation
  • Pain relief 
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved immune system 
  • Improved memory
  • Better mood 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Helps relieve pain from headaches, backaches and arthritis

Can massage therapy cure certain health concerns? 

There are a number of health benefits that are associated with massage therapy. The research surrounding the benefits of massage therapy for different health concerns is increasing. Current research shows that massage therapy does indeed have health benefits, but those benefits are dependent on the skill of the therapist. A skilled therapist can help:

  • Increase muscular flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Increase positive behavior
  • Improve mobility and prevent falls 

What types of massage does Kamati Wellness offer?

Kamati Wellness currently offers 5 different modalities of massage therapy: 

  1. Corrective Massage
  2. Restorative Massage
  3. Thai Yoga Bodywork
  4. Pre/Post Natal Massage
  5. Maya Abdominal Massage 

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