In many cases, using insurance for massage therapy is an option (depending on your insurance coverage). At Kamati Wellness, we only accept specific types of insurance for massage therapy

What types of insurance can I use? 

At Kamati Wellness, we accept Health Savings Account (HSA), Workman’s Comp Insurance, and Auto Accident Insurance. 

For all the massage therapy modalities we offer, you can use your HSA account. Unlike other forms of insurance, massage therapy is considered an approved care or treatment and, as such, can be used for any form of massage therapy at Kamati Wellness. 

Kamati Wellness also works with workman’s comp insurance plans. For workman’s comp claims where massage therapy is indicated as part of your treatment plan, Kamati Wellness can bill your insurance for 60-minute massage therapy sessions. 

In addition to HSA and workman’s comp plans, Kamati Wellness also specializes in helping clients recover from injuries related to auto accidents, and we accept auto accident insurance. 

What do I need in order to use my insurance to pay for my appointments? 

If you plan on using your HSA to pay for your appointments, all you need is your Health Savings Account debit card, which will be charged like any other card payment. 

For Workman’s Comp and Auto Accident Insurance, you’ll need to complete our standard intake form and bring your insurance claim number and your insurance information. 

Do you have additional questions about using insurance? 

Feel free to reach out directly at We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, whether they are general or specific to your needs. You can also book your appointment with our online scheduler.