It may seem counterintuitive to think about how to prepare for a massage, especially if you’ve had one before. But, there are a few things that you can do beforehand to get the most out of the experience every time – whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth time. 

prepare for a massage

1. If you’re going to work out the day of your massage, make sure to do it beforehand, not after. A post-workout massage can aid in your recovery. Your muscles are relaxed and warmed up already and your massage can help ease post workout soreness and speed up recovery time. On the other hand, working out after your massage may make you more prone to injury because your body is already relaxed. 

2. Take a shower before your appointment. Clean skin responds better and is more able to absorb the products used during your massage. Skip heavily scented products, they can be intense in a small space. 

3. Hydrate. It’s very important that your body is hydrated as massage helps flush toxins from your system and being hydrated helps keep that process going. Also, avoid caffeine and alcohol before and after your appointment. Both contribute to dehydration, leading to soreness and toxins remaining in your system. 

4. Be aware of your medical history and any pain points you’re experiencing. At each appointment, your therapist will ask what is going on in the body, providing your therapist with significant information regarding your overall health and any medical conditions that impact your treatment. 

5. Communicate with your therapist. The best experience possible comes with transparency and open communication. At the beginning of your appointment, share any medical updates, allergies, etc. During your massage, speak up about pressure, temperature, or anything causing you distress.  

6. Be prepared to book follow-up appointments. The benefits of massage therapy compound over time, leading to deeper relaxation and your body responding faster. At Kamati Wellness, your therapist will lay out a treatment and care plan for you. This plan is customized to what you need the most support around and best practices for ongoing care. 

Utilize these tips to get the most out of your next appointment. If you don’t have an appointment already scheduled, book your massage with Kamati Wellness now.